Our Strengths in Common Goals!

As a follower of the United Nations Global Compact, we follow a set of guiding principles in line with the UNGC sustainable development goals as we assist our clients on their journey to sustainability.

General Sustainability Approach

Through the sustainability approach, corporate policy and objectives; projects that create added value in social, environmental and economic fields are implemented in line with these policies and targets. The corporate governance approach, which is defined by openness, transparency and accountability and gaining more and more importance today, is an indispensable element of Indigo Tünel.

Processes are meticulously managed to ensure full compliance with laws and regulations in all geographies served. While full compliance with the said regulations is ensured with the internal audit and internal control carried out for this purpose, threats that may endanger the existence and future of Indıgo Tünel are identified with corporate policies, and relevant actions and business strategies are created.

Corporate Sustainability Management

Being among the strong manufacturers of Turkey, Indigo has been shaped by the business ethics approach on the basis of its success; The corporate governance approach, which is maintained with the principles of transparency and accountability, lies. All activities carried out in the light of this understanding are aimed at sustainable growth and creating added value for all stakeholders.

Global Principles ;

  • Human rights
  • Working Standards
  • Environment
  • Anti-Corruption

Indigo Tünel Tekstil Human Rights Policy

Indigo Tünel adopts a business style that adheres to high business ethics, has an accountable, transparent and fair management approach, aims to fully comply with laws and regulations, supports universal human rights principles, and sees social responsibility as a basic understanding.

The working conditions of those working at Indigo Tünel Tekstil comply with internationally accepted labor standards and the laws of the countries where they operate. Ethical policies are regularly audited and updated according to current conditions.

Indigo Tunnel Textile Working Standards Policy

The most important building block of the value created by Indigo Tünel Tekstil is its employees. With this understanding, it is among the important corporate objectives to continuously develop and maintain the democratic, participatory, human rights-respectful and human-oriented work culture adopted for the employees.

Indigo Tünel Tekstil is against all kinds of discrimination. All employees are treated fairly and honestly. Diversity and equality of opportunity among employees and candidates are given importance. Discrimination based on race, language, religion, creed, gender, color, sexual orientation, age, social status, mental or physical disability will not be tolerated. policy of zero tolerance for discrimination; It applies to all human resources processes such as recruitment and placement, promotion, performance management, training, career planning, backup, remuneration and fringe benefits.

Indigo Tunnel Textile Environmental Policy

Climate change and the consumption of natural resources pose significant environmental risks for the whole world. Proactive management of these risks, which have an impact on the operations of companies, is necessary for both environmental and operational sustainability. With the awareness of this responsibility, Indigo Tünel Tekstil aims to maintain its operations by keeping the environmental impacts at minimum levels. Operations are carried out in line with nationally and internationally accepted quality systems, investments are made in environmentally friendly technologies, and better performance is constantly targeted by monitoring and monitoring environmental performance.

In all our operations;

• We take all measures to prevent environmental pollution and protect the environment.

• We use resources in the most efficient way in all processes.

• We do the necessary work to reduce our carbon footprint.

• We organize trainings to increase environmental sustainability awareness among our employees.

• We develop efficient energy and emission management practices within the scope of combating climate change.

• Within the scope of the protection and conscious use of natural resources, we implement projects on water saving, recycling and reduction of waste at source.

• We comply with all environmental laws and regulations.

Indigo Tünel Tekstil Anti-Corruption Policy

Indigo Tünel Tekstil adopts honest and ethical trade principles in all business processes. Indigo Tunnel Textile; accepts the principles of responsibility, honesty, trust and equality, confidentiality and compliance with the law, which define the framework in its relations with its employees, partners, suppliers, customers, dealers and other stakeholders. Indigo Tünel provided the establishment of the organizational structure necessary for the effective implementation of the Textile Business Ethics Principles and the Anti-Corruption Policy.

Indigo Tünel Tekstil Social Responsibility and Social Awareness Policy

Indigo Tünel Tekstil considers supporting the welfare and development of the society and sensitivity to its problems and needs as its main responsibilities. For this reason, the understanding of corporate citizenship is not limited to social responsibility; It is considered as a part of all operations within the company. Thus, the direct and indirect economic value created for the stakeholders, solutions to social problems are sought; It is supported by social responsibility projects focused on the environment, society, human rights, unions, rights, living things and future generations.Tüm toplumsal projelerde, gönüllü paydaş katılımı esası temel alınırken sürdürülen faaliyetlerde çalışan gönüllülüğü de teşvik edilmektedir.

Bütün canlılara saygı duyarak faaliyetlerini sürdüren Indigo Tünel Tekstil; tüm canlıların doğal haklara sahip olduğu, insanoğlunun yaşayan bütün canlılara karşı ahlaki sorumluluk taşıdığı ve hayvan haklarına ilişkin temel ilkelerin hayata geçirilmesi gerektiği bilincini taşımakta; grup içinde ve dışında bu bilinci yaygınlaştırmayı amaçlamaktadır.