Authentic Indigo dyed yarn for all kinds of fabrics.

Why Indigo?

Life as we know it started under the clear blue sky, in the endlessness of deep blue oceans. Therefore it makes sense that the color blue defines and relates with life itself. This relation can also be drawn for Indigo -the most ancient shade of blue,  being used for 5000 years, by human kind. 

Who are we?

We are a dynamic team with deep experience in all areas of denim manufacturing and marketing. As Turkey’s only company, focusing on ROPE DYED indigo yarns, we operate at our plant in Adana Hacı Sabancı Industrial Zone.

What we do?

At Indigo Tunnel we focus on one single thing: To manufacture authentic ROPE DYED indigo yarns with flawless colour and tone consistency within every yarn type and thickness.

Rope dyed indigo for all your woven, jersey and knitted textile purposes.

Always by your side…

Easily access to expertise, whenever needed
Be it dyeing, knitting, or using for different purposes; we have long-established experience in all phases of denim manufacturing. To make this experience accessible to you and improve all aspects of your production, we offer our consultancy service whenever you need it.