Life between two shades of blue…

Life as we know it started under the clear blue sky, in the endlessness of deep blue oceans. Therefore it makes sense that the color blue defines and relates to life itself. This relation can also be drawn for Indigo -the most ancient shade of blue,  being used for 5000 years, by humankind. With all its references to life, we come across this magical colour on the cotton mummy canvases from ancient Egypt, on Mesopotamian tablets, in Pakistan, or on the remains of ancient Greek.

The ever fashionable colour

With its iconic indigo blue colour, blue jean’s emergence as the uniform of blue-collar workers date back to mid 19th century. From then on, frequently seen on Holywood stars, artists, and musicians it got ever popular and became an indispensable piece both for catwalks and our wardrobes. For 170 years Indigo never lost a bit of its popularity. Thanks to the modern technologies in production techniques, today Indigo is being used in many different areas ranging from clothing to accessories, or even underwear and home textiles.

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