A single expertise, to offer you endless possibilities.

At Indigo Tunnel we focus on one single thing: To manufacture the authentic indigo dyed yarn with flawless colour and tone consistency within every yarn type and thickness. With genuine products suitable for all textile purposes, we broaden up the use of an indigo dyed yarn for the best results. We offer consultancy and technical support to our clients, within all phases of their production. 

• Ranging from 7/1 to 36/1 rope thickness measures, we are able to dye all types of cellulosic and mixed fibers with our ROPE DYE dye technology.
• We reach the highest quality and consistency by using ROPE DYE technique in pure indigo, deep indigo, and black coloured yarns we dye.
• We always provide the most suitable rope meeting our customer’s needs and purposes, but also work with yarns provided by our clients if demanded.

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